Sunday, April 4, 2010

pretend cartoonist

This blog was originally intended to be a place to show my photos, but it ended up being too cumbersome for my computer-challenged mind. You can see photos of mine and others by going to .

Along with freelance writing, I like to pretend I'm a freelance cartoonist. I actually persuaded Firefighting in Canada to post some of these sketches with my articles in their Web Exclusive section. I will post them here as I have time, along with links to the articles that they accompanied (or were supposed to accompany).


I drew this one as a kind of therapy to get myself out of the dumps after a particularly long, cold, and depressing fire. You can read a little bit about it here.
The article that accompanied this drawing talks about responding to a call in no-man's land . . . with the underlying implication that if something happened at home while we were away, there would be no Mutual Aid reasonably close enough to help.

Volunteer firefighters take criticism - sometimes justified, sometimes not - about not being qualified. I wrote an article about this dilemma, and the fact that we have to do the job to the best of our ability, and try not to overstep our qualifications. Then I drew this cartoon to make fun of the situations we get ourselves into.

Recruitment is a perennial problem in Upsala. We never have enough people, a problem that is compounded by our lack of near neighbours to help out. Click here for my article on the topic.